At PacificNorthern Academy, the “4C's" of a 21st Century education: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity are at the core of our educational philosophy.

The teaching methodology at PNA encourages rich and probing dialogue among students and teachers and opportunities for students to collaborate with one another while at the same time being held individually accountable. The educational experience at our school is not just about facts and figures. It entails higher level thinking such as discussing concepts from different points of view and relating ideas within, between, and across disciplines.

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Getting to Know PNa


Pacific Northern Academy is dedicated to experiential, engaged learning. How does that translate to the classroom?


The best way to find out is to experience PNA in action; schedule a tour today!


What other parents say:


"What is wrong with the school? My kids don't want to go home. They are having too much fun!  That is not how I remember school to be when I was a kid. As my kids said 'It was the best choice we made - moving to PNA'."


"Is there a "spark" in my child's eyes, and an interest in learning? Is my child curious and challenged? Is my child fearless in trying new things? Is my child looking forward to going to school every day? Don't we all want these questions answered in the affirmative?"


"We have lived in many different cities in Australia and the USA with our two girls. Each time we move to another city, we prioritize finding a school that is the right fit for them. Finding the right school is a task that consumes us before we relocate, and everything else seem to take care of itself."


"When Anchorage appeared on our radar as a place to call home, we were excited, intrigued and unsure, all at the same time. As usual, we began a frantic research on schooling options in this city. I was looking for a school where my children would, among other things:

  • Thrive as individuals;

  • Be encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them;

  • Be loved for who they are, not what the school wants them to be;

  • Be receiving the gift of learning that is not simply thrown at them; and

  • Have a deep connection with the core values of the school.

Of all the schools I could look at, Pacific Northern Academy (PNA) not only fit the criteria but exceeded our expectations. Why? Because they are teaching their students to be critical thinkers who grow up to be leaders and the Citizens of the 21 century. 

"My oldest daughter graduated from PNA last year, and is attending a Seminar program at a public high school. She is thriving there, mainly because she has a strong foundation laid by PNA and other independent schools she attended in the past."

There's something special about Pacific Northern Academy that is best experienced by seeing our programs in action. You will discover our distinctive, nurturing, and diverse atmosphere, where the small classes and individual attention lead each student to do his or her best. You'll see how much our Studio Arts, Performing Arts, Foreign Language, and Physical Education offerings enhance PNA's rigorous academics. You will see a strong community of teachers, students, staff and parents who all contribute to create a vibrant and dynamic learning atmosphere. ​


Pacific Northern Academy's class size caps at eighteen students. These small classes allow teachers to provide individualized instruction where students are challenged based on their individual academic ability. Students have more opportunities to be involved and to be held accountable for their work. With a smaller class “family" and with interpersonal communication skills heightened, discipline issues at PNA are very rare.

Dynamic Curriculum

The curriculum at Pacific Northern Academy encourages independent thinking and a global perspective. A real connection is made between school life and the world around them. Students develop sophisticated problem-solving skills, applicable to academics but to life issues as well. Core subject instruction is differentiated, enabling students to reach their full academic potential. Our graduates are well prepared and regularly test out of high school classes and gain entry to advanced placement and other selective options.

Passionate Faculty

One hallmark of independent schools is their excellent teachers. They almost always teach in their areas of expertise and are passionate about what they do. With more autonomy in the classroom, teachers are able to develop a full understanding of how each student learns and what interests and motivates them. Pacific Northern Academy has a strong, enthusiastic and purposeful faculty which brings the PNA mission and program to life.

Parent Involvement

Parents at Pacific Northern Academy are tremendously involved in their children's education, as well as in the life of the school community. The opportunities for parent involvement are as varied as our families. Our students regularly engage with parents and the community which creates a sense of togetherness. The atmosphere at PNA is one of caring, where our actions and relationships matter.

Investing in the Future

Pacific Northern Academy builds a strong academic foundation by teaching children to inquire and to understand, to tackle challenges with ingenuity and creativity, and to develop strong habits of mind. Research reveals that students' readiness for college improves when they acquire and demonstrate behaviors associated with academic achievement and academic motivation early on in their educational careers.

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