Welcome back from break PNA family! It was been a crazy year, but we made it through! Now to tackle 2021, and make it better than 2020 was!

We started out winter unit this week, and the first thing we did was get out in the snow (of course). Having the privilege of living somewhere with so much snow is awesome, because we get to explore the change in weather, the snow, the ice, and everything else that comes with the typical Alaskan winter! Exploration is such an important aspect of early childhood education, and that is something that we focus heavily on at PNA. During this first week of the winter unit we have explored snow, snowflakes, and temperature. We finished our week out with individual sensory bins where the students got to paint snow, which allows them to explore how snow reacts with paint, heat, and touch. The students also get to explore the texture of the snow. ​We will be continuing our winter unit throughout the month if January, exploring and creating winter-themed objects.