A Pacific Northern Academy education is an investment in your child’s future. While we believe that every family bears the primary responsibility for meeting the cost of providing their child with independent school education, PNA does not expect that every family can afford full tuition. It is our desire that families who are committed to the mission and values of PNA are able to attend. The PNA Indexed Tuition program is a resource for Kindergarten through Eighth-grade tuition based on a family’s individual financial position.

Indexed Tuition

Each year the PNA Board allocates a percentage of gross revenue to fund the Indexed Tuition program. PNA receives no outside funding from state or federal sources in a typical year and is not supported by any religious organizations. We rely on tuition, fees, donations, and annual fundraising to fund our operating budget. Tuition covers the majority of annual expenditures, with remaining funds dependent upon donations and fundraising.

Indexed Tuition is still available for 2023-2024, and we are accepting Applications.

FAQs about Indexed Tuition

How does PNA determine the annual allocation for Indexed Tuition?

The Board of Trustees reviews and approves the annual budget and indexed tuition amounts each year. Approximately 15% of gross tuition is allocated to Indexed Tuition each year.

Will my family’s application for Indexed Tuition impact our admissions decision?

The Indexed Tuition application process happens at the same time as the admissions process, but the two processes are separate. The Admissions Committee makes its decisions independent of your family’s ability to pay full tuition. The Indexed Tuition Committee reviews each family’s application and determines the amount of Indexed Tuition.

Will every admitted student who is eligible for Indexed Tuition receive it?

Unfortunately, no.  We typically receive more applications for Indexed Tuition than available funds.

How do I know if our family qualifies for Indexed Tuition?

Your family should look at all your personal resources. If you then believe you need indexed tuition to meet tuition costs, you should apply for determination. Indexed tuition amounts are awarded to families on the basis of financial need. The Indexed Tuition Committee considers many factors when determining amounts, including income, assets, liabilities, age of parents, number and ages of children, other educational commitments, budget, and more.

How do I apply for Indexed Tuition?

PNA uses an online Enrollment and Tuition Management system, TADS, to support the Indexed Tuition process. For detailed information about how to apply for Indexed Tuition, Download the PNA Guide to Indexed tuition booklet

Does PNA offer other programs or discounts in addition to Indexed Tuition?

We do offer sibling discounts and grade-entry enrollment incentives in certain grades while space is available. Please call the Admissions Office for more information. (907) 333-1080.

Does PNA offer automatic credit for multiple siblings?

PNA does not offer an automatic sibling discount. Families with more than one child at PNA may qualify for indexed tuition or a sibling discount, but not both.

How is my financial status and my ability to pay evaluated if I am separated, divorced, a non-custodial parent, or unmarried?

PNA’s policy for determining Indexed Tuition is based on the principle that all parents and guardians are responsible for the support and educational expenses of their children. A completed Indexed Tuition application, called a Financial Aid Assessment application in TADS, is required from all households with parents/guardians involved in the child’s life

Is Indexed Tuition automatically renewed each year? Will our amount be the same each year?

Indexed tuition amounts are evaluated on an annual basis.

When will my family learn if we have been offered index tuition?

See the Key Dates and Deadlines page for details for the 2023-24 school year.

Does PNA require a minimum contribution from families, or can Indexed Tuition cover the entire cost of PNA?

Indexed Tuition applies exclusively to tuition.  Families are required to contribute a minimum of 50%. It does not reduce any other costs associated with attending PNA, e.g., Spring Trips, Panther Care, or other after-school Enrichment programs.

Who will see my Indexed Tuition application and supporting documents?

All TADS Financial Aid Assessment applications and supporting documentation are treated as confidential. They are made available only to PNA’s Indexed Tuition Committee members, solely to make the Indexed Tuition decision.

Is there a fee to apply for Indexed Tuition?

TADS charges a $40  fee for each Financial Aid Assessment application. PNA does not charge additional fees for processing those applications.

Non Discrimination Statement

PNA does not discriminate based on gender, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by law in employment or administration of admissions or programs.

2023-2024 Indexed Tuition Guide

Click here to download our helpful guide to understanding indexed tuition for the 2023-2024 school year.