We believe that qualified students seeking a high-quality education should not be denied that opportunity because of financial circumstances. We are proud to offer PNA families financial assistance that helps us sustain a vibrant school community while keeping the school financially healthy.

Financial Aid

Beginning in Kindergarten, every family is eligible to apply for financial aid. To help us objectively assess what a family can contribute to education expenses, PNA uses TADS, a trusted third party tuition management software. Parents submit a Parent Financial Statement (PFS) to TADS online. Our 3rd party partner evaluates every application and makes award recommendations to the PNA award committee, who carefully balance awards with available resources. Financial Aid awards for current families are reviewed each year. Financial Aid applications for new families are reviewed once the student’s application is complete and is accepted by our Admissions Committee.

Sibling Discounts: Families with more than one child enrolled at PNA and who pay the full tuition amount will receive a multi-student discount.

To learn more about how to apply, review the Application Process.

FAQs about Financial Aid

How does PNA determine total financial aid to be distributed annually?

PNA is an independent non-profit school that meets the charitable and educational definitions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. PNA receives no outside funding from state or federal sources in a typical year and is not supported by any religious organizations.

PNA’s operating budget is set each year to ensure that we continue to provide a high-quality education program committed to low class sizes, a comprehensive educational program, and highly qualified faculty. PNA relies on tuition, fees, donations, and annual fundraising to fund our operating budget. Tuition and fees cover 70% of total operating expenses, with the remaining 30% coming from donations and annual fundraising.

Our Board of Trustees reviews and approves financial aid policies and approves the overall budget, including allocating financial aid each school year.

How is Financial Aid determined for each applicant?

PNA provides need-based financial aid with a maximum award of 50% of tuition per student.

Financial aid awards are based on a calculation of a family’s ability to pay, which comes from a recommendation made by a secure, third-party administrator, TADS, that evaluates annual income, expenses, as well as assets and liabilities. Applicants also have an opportunity to write a letter to specify situational factors that might not otherwise be reflected in the required documentation, affecting the family’s ability to pay tuition. 

Financial aid awards are made on the assumption that the family is allocating the maximum amount of resources within its capacity to fund their child’s or children’s education. It is expected that each family has prioritized educational costs after necessary living expenses.

The PNA’s Financial Aid Committee (FAC) will review the TADS documentation, analysis, and recommendation for each request.  We make every attempt to work with families to find a tuition amount acceptable for both sides. Awards are based on demonstrated need on a first asked basis. Total money awarded each year will not exceed the approved budgeted financial aid allocation (as explained in question 1 above).

Who qualifies for Financial Aid?

Any student who is re-enrolling in Kindergarten through grade 8 is eligible to apply for financial aid. New applicants are eligible for financial aid once offered a place in a classroom for the next school year. To learn more about the application process, review the Application Process.

Financial aid awards for returning students are contingent upon the student’s successful completion of the prior school year and full payment of all financial obligations outlined in the Enrollment Contract for the year.

Who in the family should apply?

PNA believes that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with his/her family. For financial aid, a family is defined as both the applicant’s natural parents, and any stepparents and/or legal guardians.

If one parent applies for financial aid, the FAC will determine on a case-by-case basis whether the applicant’s financial circumstances justifies the provision of financial aid. Supporting legal documentation may be requested to validate the claim of sole financial responsibility for a student.

What does Financial Aid cover?

Financial aid is offered to a family to provide tuition assistance only. It does not reduce any other costs associated with attending PNA, e.g., Fees, School Trips, Extended Day Program or other after-school Enrichment programs.

Is there a fee to apply for Financial Aid?

TADS charges a $39  fee for each financial aid application. PNA does not charge additional fees for processing those applications.

Who will see my Financial Aid application and supporting documents?

All TADS forms and supporting documentation are treated as confidential. They are made available only to PNA’s Financial Aid Committee members, solely to make a financial aid decision. We also expect families receiving financial aid to respect the confidentiality of the process.

Do I need to apply for Financial Aid every year?

Yes. A family’s circumstances change from year to year, as does the financial aid budget, the number of applicants to be considered, and the need for each applicant for aid.

What is the deadline for submitting a financial aid application?

For families enrolling students in the next school year, the first round financial aid awards deadline is determined by the year’s enrollment schedule, including re-enrollment of PNA students and open enrollment for new students. Go to Key Dates and Deadlines to review the deadline for next year.

Once first round financial aid awards have been granted for the next school year, PNA will review additional applications on a case-by-case basis as they are received until the financial aid budget is exhausted and no additional funds remain.

How do I apply?

If you are applying for a current PNA student, please contact Linda Shepherd:

Phone: (907) 333-1080

If you are a family applying for a student new to PNA, please submit an Application for Enrollment first. We’ll be in touch with you to work through the application process and work with you to submit a Financial Aid application once we have assessed your student and offered them a place in a PNA classroom.

Non Discrimination Statement

PNA does not discriminate based on gender, race, color, religion, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by law in employment or administration of admissions or programs.


Our Financial Aid partner, TADS, has a helpful guide for families about Financial Aid and how to apply.