In-person & Virtual Tours Available

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-on Wednesdays-

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Private Preschool Tours

For 2023-2024 Preschool Admissions.

Private Grades Tours

For 2023-2024 Admissions in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

You must have so many questions. Is the school safe? How experienced are the teachers? How does the school handle bullying? How big are the classes, and will my child have individual attention? We’d love to answer all your questions in person and SHOW you how we deliver our comprehensive program to provide whole-child education to every single student in a safe, engaging, and joyful environment.

We are scheduling in-person and virtual tours at this time. We can walk you through the building, show you the highlights of our campus, and answer your individual questions. We can take a peek at the learning that is happening in classrooms during the tour, and feel the joy of learning that fills our hallways.

Schedule a tour today, we are looking forward to meeting you!

The PNA Admissions Team




For one of these opportunities to learn about PNA

Discover PNA Open House

Our first Open House of the 2024-2025 Admissions Season! Attendees can join our Early Applicant list. 

Tuesday, December 5 from 10 a.m. to 11:30.