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“A picture is worth a thousand words........and a video is worth a thousand pictures!”

― Ankala V Subbarao


Why Video?

by Pete Johnson | PNA 5th Grade Teacher and Technology Coordinator


PNA has recently revamped its Youtube channel! The channel currently contains quite a few new and “classic” videos that have been sorted into playlists on a variety of topics. You can find the link at the bottom of this article. Make sure to subscribe!


Video are a powerful and engaging medium, and we wish to use this channel as an opportunity to give parents peeks into the classroom, to share with you our underpinning education philosophy, and to provide students with an exciting place to publish their multimedia projects. PNA has a variety of high quality equipment for making videos, including professional lighting, expensive video cameras, iPads with iMovie video editing software, a boom mic, and even a green screen. Below are a few exciting examples of a couple of video projects in 5th grade.


Mold Terrariums Timelapse Videos

As part of our study of decomposition, students created mold terrariums by putting a piece of pepperoni pizza and an orange in a clear bag. One bag contains the control (the basic experiment we will compare with) and the other bags are the same except for one variable of their choosing. Students have been regularly taking pictures of their experiment over the last 2 and a half months. We plan to continue to watch the process of decomposition for the rest of the school year. At that point we will have time lapse videos that will show 6 months of decomposition. We can then analyze the results and draw scientific conclusions about how each variable affected decomposition of the food.  If you want to see these projects in person, feel free to wander into the 5th grade classroom before or after school!


“Why do we Explore?” Video Project

5th grade began a unit on exploration with the question, why do we explore? To dig into this question a little further, students interviewed a parent about a time when they explored, whether in the form of a travel adventure or outdoor adventure. Students recorded the stories, and are using the audio in a iMovie video project that celebrates the adventures of their parents and also seeks to understand what motivates people to want to explore.  We'll post their videos to the Youtube Channel when they are finished. 


What can be found on PNA’s Youtube Channel?

On the PNA channel homepage, you will see several sections. The first section features classroom playlists with a variety of fun videos. While you’re there, you may want to browse videos for your child’s future grade levels to get a feel for what’s coming up.