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Exciting Science

by Hannah Powell | PNA Beginners Teacher


Science is incorporated into many of the activities we do at school on a daily basis. When the Beginners explore the sensory table, and are dropping corks, stones, feathers, and marbles into a tub of water, they are scientists who are exploring whether objects sink or float. When they lift, shove, stack, and move blocks, they explore weight and size, gravity and forces. 

 Watch the next video and notice some improvements from the first to the second attempt.

This broadcasting project does not only help students develop communication skills but also their research and collaboration skills. Students worked in different teams each day with a different broadcasting task. They also learned how to approach an adult or an older student for the interview segment. They applied what they learned in science to find information for weather report. In addition, they used their typing skills to type their script in a short span of time.  At the end of every broadcasting attempt, students watched their video and reflected on how they could improve.


Sometimes, though, it is fun to do some observable science experiments. These moments are extra special because the Beginners get really excited about the things they are seeing.

Last week, we made some "potions" and it was one of those rare moments when every, single Beginner had their full, undivided attention focused on what was happening in the middle of the circle.