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Space Week


Out of this World!

Dear Friends and Families of PNA,

Space Week was exactly what PNA is all about, students enjoying the process of learning and being deeply consumed in a topic. It was a tremendous success thanks to all the staff members and volunteers planning and preparation.

We were incredibly fortunate to have Su Curley, Senior NASA Engineer for Suit Design here with the entire school and former PNA teacher Richard Overbeck teaching classes on rockets, propulsion, and showing students real moon rocks as well as other artifacts.

All the students had smiles on their faces and did a wonderful job showing their projects to over 250 people from the greater Anchorage Community during PNA's Space Night. PNA was featured on two different local television stations. Check out one of the clips by clicking here.

These opportunities are made possible at Independent Schools thanks to supporters like you. From all the students and staff, thank you!

Stay tuned for more updates from school and have a great week!


Peter Kling

Director of Development & Enrollment

A Night at the Space Museum

PNA students hard work during Space Week culminated with A Night at the Space Museum. This was a free community event where students showcased the projects they had been working on. Senior NASA Engineer Su Curley gave a presentation, there was astronaut ice cream,a raffle, and hands on activities throughout the school.

Making Real World Connections

Space Week at PNA came at the perfect time as NASA showcased two spacesuits designed for lunar exploration the same week – one for launch and re-entry aboard the agency’s Orion spacecraft, known as the Orion Crew Survival System, and one for exploring the surface of the Moon’s South Pole, known as the Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit (xEMU).

The xEMU suit improves on the suits previously worn on the Moon during the Apollo era and those currently in use for spacewalks outside the International Space Station and will be worn by first woman and next man as they explore the Moon as part of the agency’s Artemis program. The Orion suit is designed for a custom fit and incorporates safety technology and mobility features that will help protect astronauts on launch day, in emergency situations, high-risk parts of missions near the Moon, and during the high-speed return to Earth.

To catch the highlights of this showcase, check out the NASA YouTube Channel.

Alongside the new spacesuit designs, the first ever all female spacewalk took place on Friday October 18, 2019. Click here to watch this team make history.

Postcards from the Classroom

Take a look at the exciting activities students were immersed in during Space Week!

More Photos: Because we can't get over Space Week!

Click any picture to jump into the slideshow.

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Just One More...

How we all felt after a whole week of space!

Many Thanks To

John Hardwick and Ral West

As always, our continued success is shared with the people and companies that support us.

Skiva Investments LLC

The FUNd Stuff is a bi-monthly (or so) publication from the staff, students, parents, and teachers of PNA. Want to know more about anything we've highlighted here? Get in touch! (907) 333-1080 or

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Thank You! 

As always, our continued success is shared with the people and companies that support us.


Many thanks to... 

John Hardwick and Ral West


Skiva Investments LLC



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